Show realization

Stage hologram
Stage hologram


  • Whether you’re planning a fashion show, advertising campaign, company event, or product launch, HOLO-STAGE brings entirely new and groundbreaking presentation options.
  • The holographic projection technology is supported by interaction with persons or actual objects and 3D animation that levitates in open space.
  • HOLOSTAGE can be custom deployed from 2m x 2m up to sizes of 20m x 3.5m.
  • Delivered as a complete service from concept design and visualization to animation development and technical deployment.
Laser show
Laser show


  • Laser technologies always rank among the most popular. Futuristic appearance, full color spectrum.
  • Clear and sharp beams that move through space along with dramatic music create an extraordinary experience for all.
  • Graphical elements projected onto an invisible laser fabric, water wall, or FogScreen can be integrated into the show.
  • For more discerning clients we prepare a spectacular show performed on the surface of water with projection onto a water wall!
Multimedia show
Multimedia show


  • Imagine a show involving all different media. That’s a multimedia show!
  • We coordinate the lights, prepare the video and animation, install laser and projection technologies, water walls, holograms, videomappings, and then we can begin.
  • A multimedia show is a breathtaking visual experience supported by original music.
  • This presentation method is the most popular for increasing brand visibility and launching new products on the market.


  • An entirely new method of videoprojection of the facades of buildings or other objects.
  • Projection of video that precisely respects the lines of the original object can visually modify the original shape and so confound the human eye that you will see what you’ve never seen before.
  • We create videomapping for buildings, cars, stages, tables, cakes, industrial machines, and other objects.
  • Thanks to our wide portfolio of projectors and control systems we are prepared for any installation.
Water screen
Water screen


  • Technology and shows based on the element of water.
  • Using special nozzles we create an invisible water wall on which we can project animations and lasers.
  • A watershow is a story full of beautiful images, apparitions, and surprises.
  • For indoor use a variable water wall may be installed along with a circular pool.
  • For outdoor use an existing water surface is ideal: a lake, river, or pool.

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