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We deliver comprehensive solutions from design through delivery techniques, self realization, to video
Innovative visual solutions

First Holographic 5G video call, Vodafone

Look at our Holostage instalations for clients like Ford, Babyliss, Attune, Noc výzkumníků, Accenture, Tony Parker and more, realized across all Europe.

Videomapping show realized for INVELT Prague in cooperation with QUIX Event.

Multimedia laserhsow including videomapping and interactive dance performance. That was SKODA Challenge!

Lina Mayer - Nothing

European Researchers’ Night in Bratislava, 2016
Holographic stage projection and content provided by SCREENRENTAL.EU

Special waterscreen projection using high power water pump, laser and video projection.

Multimeda show including content preparation and full technical realization.

Multimedia show including projection, lasers, LED screens, interaction, lights and content production.

Interactive FogScreen

Interactive FogScreen projection made by our lasertouch sensor and application.

About us

Our goal is to raise the level of presentations, video screenings and advertise with world news and specials from the field. Client design and implement complete solutions to its presentations, conferences and exhibitions using custom components. Our advantage is its own video studio and 3D work, in which we prepare visualization procurement content for video, film presentations and video documentaries of events. More about us


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