AIRSCREEN - inflatable screen


  • Professional projection screen placed in a high-pressure inflatable frame
  • Ideal for outdoor projections, summer cinema, festivals, film premieres, and gala events
  • High level of safety even under windy conditions
  • Small transport dimensions
  • Rapid and easy installation


AIRSCREEN is composed of an inflatable PVC frame on which a professional projection surface or banner is fastened. The strength and stability of the canvas is guaranteed by a special low-noise ventilator that constantly maintains high pressure within the frame. It is manufactured in sizes from 4m x 3m up to an unbelievable 30m x 12 m in classic 2:1, HDTV 16:9, or video 4:3 screen formats.


With no need to use large and complicated support structures, AIRSCREEN can stand by itself in almost any location. Thanks to its low weight it is perfect for installation in sensitive environments such as football stadiums, garden parks, or historical centers.

Mobile summer cinema

SCREENRENTAL offers rental of a fully equipped mobile cinema. All you need to do is provide the film and the performance can begin! You can select a 5m x 3m or 9m x 5m AIRSCREEN projection screen, professional video projector with 4,500 ANSI lm or up to 20,000 ANSI lm light output, and configure the size of your sound apparatus according to the number of viewers. Our professional staff (video technician + sound engineer)will ensure the installation and problem-free operation of the cinema. A banner can be installed underneath the projection screen.


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