iFloor – interactive floor projection


  • New compact iFloor system creates an interactive underfloor projection 2.1m x 1.6m in size
  • Simple installation without the need for complex support structures to hang the projector
  • 8 effects included in the basic package, which can be fully adapted to your needs


iFloor is a compact system for interactive underfloor projection. The core of the system is a laser motion sensor that tracks movement across the surface. With its horizontal orientation it can monitor the surface in front of the projector and no longer requires cameras high above the floor. Movement is then transferred to the application, which determines the level of interaction and creates a visual effect on the surface. Combined with a specially embedded wide-angle projector, this eliminates the need for use of support structures.


Primary benefits of the iFloor system:

  • rapid installation
  • no construction
  • easy operation
  • low price
  • high variability

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