iBox – interactive touchscreen


  • Interactive touch-responsive surface for entertainment, advertising, or information touch screens
  • Solution can be integrated into exhibit booths
  • Ideal supplement for company events
  • Delivery includes programming of content


The touchscreen surface is created using a special laser sensor that translates hand movements to the mouse cursor. As a result, no pointer or other active device is necessary. This makes this interactive screen exceptionally useful in public spaces, parties, cinemas, museums, and more.

iBox represents a complete solution –2m x 1.5m screen using rear projection, laser motion sensor, and guiding computer. All integrated into a compact box that can be printed according to the customer’s requirements. 



Based on an interactive screen 55" large with extremely precise motion sensor. The screen is placed on a stand with an ergonomic 45° incline. The guiding computer is embedded directly in the stand.Thanks to this integrated and clean solution, it works exceptionally well at trade shows and expositions. iTable is compatible with all touch applications for Windows and Mac. 


Application development

Need an interactive solution and don’t have an application? No problem, come to us and we can develop an interactive application for our own devices and other devices. We provide development for Windows and iOS systems.


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