The New Dreamoc Scandinavia Series

The New Dreamoc Scandinavia Series

By using modern production facilities and durable materials, Scandinavia has evolved to become one of the most respected and well-known regions for contemporary design. 




Dreamoc Scandinavia 180


Dreamoc Scandinavia 180, is a three sided holographic 3D display, which lets you combine a physical object with 3D holographic content. It is designed for smaller objects such as jewelry, perfume, watches, toys and mobile phones, but also FMCG could be at display. The design is neat and elegant and combined with the other products in the Scandinavia series you can equip a retail store or an exhibition booth with the recurring design theme of this digital signage product.  




Dreamoc Scandinavia 360



Dreamoc Scandinavia 360 is the first four-sided holographic 3D display from Realfiction. It is designed for installation at free floor space, so the audience can move around it, 360°. As with the other Dreamoc digital signage products it is possible to place a physical product inside the chamber for combining it with the 3D holographic content. By combining the different products in the Scandinavia design line, you get a complete experience of elegance and functionality. 



By following the same philosophy and working with skilled designers and manufacturers, Realfiction have made a new product line called Dreamoc Scandinavia. These displays are constructed and designed with automated mass production in mind, thus giving the products a very attractive price level. When it comes to the choice of materials we focus on resilient and exclusive components such as aluminum and brushed steel, which gives the product series a distinct and exclusive look and feel, as well as the high level of quality that Scandinavian design is known for.


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