FogScreen® R-Series projection screen

FogScreen® R-Series projection screen


FogScreen Inc.'s retail product provides retailers with the ultimate projection screen for attracting and holding the attention of shoppers. Not only does the new FogScreen® R-Series projection screen allow shoppers to walk-through and physically interact with videos and logos moisture-free but it can also be configured as a touch screen where high-impact images literally float in the air.

With the new FogScreen® R-Series projection screen retailers can now ensure high traffic into their stores as well as call special attention to new or promotional products that are guaranteed to get noticed. FogScreen® projection screens have both the highest 'wow' factor of any commercial projection screen as well as the highest recall rate due to their experiential nature. 


  • Increase visitor volumes and ensure high traffic to stores
  • Influence the direction and flow of consumer traffic
  • Get consumers to spend more time with brand messages and remember them better
  • Communicate brand messages more effectively
  • Highlight new products and promotions that get noticed



Ultimate instore marketing 
  • Highest “WOW” factor of any commercial projection screen
  • Complements traditional out-of-home digital media
  • Creates experiences that can communicate any emotion or idea
  • Floating images and videos literally grab and hold attention for minutes
  • Fulfills people’s desire to be entertained and excited by an advertiser’s brand message
  • Customizable side panels can fit any marketing campaign

FogScreen® projection screen fulfills companies need to attract consumer attention

”FogScreen immediately nailed it! Already on the first day of operation, the reactions from the shoppers varied from amazement to enchantment. This is a wonderful add-on to increase the customer flow to The Catwalk.  A  premium solution to a premium site”, enthuses Henry Sukari, the Managing Director of Ideapark Shopping mall.

Next-generation digital signage
  • Highest recall rate of any media projection screen (>90%)
  • Plug and Play with any digital signage infrastructure
  • Walk-through projection screen can be placed in any location
  • Captivate with interactive 2D and 3D images and videos


FogScreen® R-Series can be configured with two separate types of interactivity. For kiosk applications the walk-through projection screen can become a large, floating touchscreen. High resolution images can float in the air and react to or interact with finger touches on touchscreen

The R-Series can also project images that can interact with and react at a distance to arm and body movements. In either configuraiton, the R-Series can support branded campaigns and customized content that attracts attention and captures your visitor’s imagination!